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The Internet Book is a comprehensive search engine directory designed to help you quickly find information on the Internet.

  • Our search directory links to the thousands of the most professional Web sites.

  • The directory is updated every day by a large staff of editors who look for the best information on the Web. Each site is reviewed for quality and placed into one or more of our many categories.

  • Through our web directory, we give you access to an index of more than 100 thousand pages through our search partners.
You can search three ways with the tools at The Internet Book: Category Search, Keyword Search and Advanced Search

  • Category Search guides you through our site listings by topic. Just click on subject categories on our homepage to find areas specifically devoted to your search.

  • Keyword Search allows you to find sites by typing words into the search bar located at the top of the homepage.The novice viewer that understand these functions can receive different results over the ordinary viewer that types in a word or two.The Internet Book has designed some options to deliver better quality, and targeted results.

  • How the search works:
    The Advanced Search Engine will first find all the Web pages that match the criteria you have typed into the SEARCH IN box in the Primary Search Area located at the top of the results screen.
    The Engine then narrows the results from using the criteria you have entered via the search refinement drop-down menu.
    Once you have entered your search criteria, itís time to Go and get it by either clicking the Go button or pushing the ENTER key on your computerís keyboard.

  • Example: All Words (AND match)
    When you choose All Words in the drop-down menu, each of the search terms you type in should appear in the results. For example, if you search for Hot Apple Pie the results will contain documents that include the words Hot, Apple and Pie anywhere in the document.

  • Example: Any Words (OR match)
    Select Any Words in the drop-down menu and any (but not necessarily all) of the search terms should appear in the results. So if you use this option to search for Hot Apple Pie the list of results may contain documents mentioning only one of these terms. (But you'll notice that documents containing all three words will be ranked higher on the results list). This search will return an exceedingly higher number of searches compared to the other two options.

  • Example: Exact Phrase (quoted query)
    When you select Exact Phrase in the drop-down menu, the words you specify must appear adjacent and in the order you specify. Therefore, you will only get results for the exact phrase Hot Apple Pie. This search will return the fewest number of search results.

    TECH TIP: Exact Phrase is useful when searching for proper names, particularly a name such as George Washington (which when searched as individual words can lead to Web pages about tributaries in the state of, Washington). Likewise, searching for the phrase John Kennedy can eliminate pages about what may have happened to other guys named John during the Kennedy era. But sometimes Exact Phrase is too exact: Search for the phrase Apple Pie and you may miss a tasty recipe for Apple Crunch Pie.

  • Search this Site Is a page where you can type in the specific word your looking for and it will return the results of every page that our site features that item or specific keyword.

Note:*We find this delivers more quality, and targeted results. Please remember that these options still require some searching through our delivered results and WILL NOT guarantee the exact site you may be searching for is included, nor will we guarantee a site will never show up that seems to disregard your requests with the advanced options. Some designers setup false tags, for search engine spiders to retrieve. We try hard to review all sites before they become searchable. All sites are subject to many regulations before they are allowed to be included into our database. If you can't find your favorite site feel free to ADD IT to our database.